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Your Mission, Your Message and Your Mindset in Business

Apr 20, 2022

Today's special guest will be chatting all things boundaries with us today, a topic I know most female entrepreneurs struggle with!

Natalie Lue is an author, podcaster, speaker and artist at where she helps people pleasers, perfectionists and overthinkers to declutter their emotional baggage so that they break the cycle of emotional unavailability, low self-esteem, and unfulfilling relationship and work experiences. 
We chatted all things boundaries, people pleasing and 

- Natalie's definition of boundaries and why is it so hard for women to develop them

- Where the pattern starts of people pleasing and perfectionism starts for most women

- Natalie's advice on how to take a breath and reset those boundaries before committing to something you may not want to do

- How to brace yourself for the reaction from friends and family when you create boundaries to protect your mental and emotional health

- Natalie's advice for women who start off well creating healthy boundaries but fall back into old familiar patterns with family and friends, or their clients

- What are we allowed to say no to and have boundaries around in exchange for our creativity, our innovation and our talents

- What happens when we don't have good boundaries and how it manifests in terms of our behaviour

So much good stuff in this pod on creating boundaries and honouring them for your emotional and mental wellbeing! 

You can find Natalie hanging out on Instagram @natlue and all her courses, podcasts and other info can be found on

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